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Boden: Mid-Season Sale Reviews. And More...

I'll get to the "and more" I refer to in the title in a moment, but first...

Boden rolled out their mid-season sale and for once in a really long time, the deals are actually quite good.  Nice items, popular, too, are actually at a decent percentage off, maybe not 40% off, but a whole bunch of them are at 20% to 30% off.  Woo!

And to make it even better (bear in mind this may go away), apparently the code that the affiliate program gave me for the month of March is working together with the mid-season sale, so it's like Boden has decided we're in 2012 up in here (last time I believe they let us do that!).  (Use 8R3F on the shopping bag page!) That there is my "and more" of the title.  My hope is that no one even bothers to read my blog anymore but hardcore Boden fans, so that the powers that be at Boden won't realize this has happened.  That said, I am thinking they'll figure it out without little ole me telling you all, so be aware the awesome could disappear.  ;-)

Okay, I have worn quite a few of the recent purchases in the past two months (eep, two months without an update), and want to share them with you all.  Thank you to Boden for starting the sale when I am off work.  During the week I am lucky if I get an instagram photo up, so I know I wouldn't update the blog.

Here are the reviews!

Fleur Fitted Dress. Size 8 Regular.  I chose to get the 8 regular rather than the 8 long because I have seen Boden run to a longer hemline, and though I could get away with wearing this below my knee, I didn't want to take that chance.  I chose right since the silhouette is exactly right finishing at the knee.

This dress is superb.  I was not in love with the price of this one, but when I put it on and realized what it did to my figure (hey, it's not a pear shape in this one!), and felt how comfortable it is (has a touch of elastane for stretch in both the lining and the outer cotton fabric), I was okay with the price.  The price now is about $9 less than I paid for it (the extra % off really helps there).

It has a back zip and the sleeves end just above the elbow.  The fabric is a basketweave cotton fabric, so it is thick and textured, but it isn't too heavy nor structured.  This is not a drapey dress, by any means, but it wears well.  It was only a touch wrinkled when I got home, too, and I had worn it all day.

The pattern is stunning.  I love border prints and this is one of the prettiest I have ever seen.

My original instagram was here.

Fleur Fitted Dress.  The navy one is selling out and nearly all sizes in regular are gone.  The white one has more availability, for now.  I think the white one would be very nice for a spring wedding guest, so it may sell out in the future?

Rita Ruched Dress.  Size 8 Regular.  Again, I went with an 8 regular, because the long would have been too frumpy for me in this sheath shape.  Though I often wear 6 in jersey dresses, I won't in Boden's sheath shaped lyocell or ponte dresses, since they are usually too tight on my hips in that size.

This dress is similar in aesthetic to the Fleur Fitted, but has some obvious differences.  Though they clearly both feature pink border prints, this one is vine-y, and more saturated with the rose hues than the fleur.  The sheath shape is also similar, but this fabrication (a lyocell) means it drapes much differently, and hugs the curves in a different way, as well.

The dress is a pull on, which bugs, but it's a better choice than having a zip back there weighing it down.  There is a slip lining, and while I appreciate it, I think it runs a touch short in comparison with the hem of the dress's outer fabric.

The color of the skirt solid portion is a weird muddy dark grey color.  I like the color, but it isn't a pure grey, brown, or black, so bear that in mind.

Rita Ruched Dress.  Not even close to selling out.  The price right now (with the additional % off) is nearly 50% off, so I'd call that a really good price.

Posy Shirt Dress.  Size 6 Long.  This one I have done a review on, so this is mainly to show you how it looks on me.  I want you to ignore the very light pale stockings.  I wanted to wear this dress, along with my bright red coat on "National Wear Red" day for woman's heart health, but that day was SO stupid cold, and I couldn't make this work with darker tights, so I rolled with my flesh-colored tights.  LOL.

Anyhow, this dress just fits me in the waist, and my waist is very small in comparison with my hips, so I would caution you to purchase the size that fits your waist.  The dress otherwise fits me well.

Posy Shirt Dress.  This is proving popular.  It is a very lovely print and an unusual, unique take on the shirt dress, so I can see why it is selling well.

Sorrento Jersey Dress.  Size 8 Long.  This dress also had a review, so this is to show you it on me.  I really love this one so much.  Though I am not showing my hands in the pockets, they are great, deep, and don't add any bulk to the hip area (score!).  It was obviously worn by me as a coverup on our vacation to the Turks and Caicos, but I definitely have plans to wear it to school.  It is a versatile piece, so I definitely recommend it (if you can get it in your size).

Sorrento Jersey Dress.  This one is all sold out.  Popbacks happen, but they are not assured.  If you see it, in your size, with this sale, and you want it.  Trust me.  I have hopes that its popularity means that Boden will reissue it again in other seasons in solids and in other beautiful prints.

Ischia Halter Neck Swimsuit.  Size 6.  Since I carry all my weight below where the swimsuit's leg openings are, I went with my smaller size in Boden.  (I can wear a 4 or 6 in J. Crew for comparison.)  I have a very small bust (32B) and a short torso for my height, so swimsuits like this are fine.  I don't need bust support and the shorter length is fine for me.

Having said that, the reviews are very much weighted on the side of this one being too short overall, and the bust support being far too little.  I would recommend this suit to people with my type of frame.  (Or if you are a very slender type, with a short torso.)  This would likely not be your best choice if you hold your weight in your bust and/or have a long torso.

I like how the halter draws the eye upward, and the very subtle print variation on the bust seaming was another added bonus.  I personally had to tie the ties at the halter neck super tight, but again, I am very short up top.

I hate my back view, but considering my hatred, I only semi-hate this shot.  (My husband did this without me knowing  Though I would love to shrink my upper thigh area, I can see that this suit doesn't make me look super huge, either, so I'll take it.  If you have a smaller hip area, and can carry off this suit in your torso and bust, I know this one would likely look AMAZING on you!

Ischia Halter Swimsuit.  This one is definitely not selling out.  I was glad to have bought it when I did, since I had a reason to wear it early in the season, but I bet most of you could wait.

Juliette T-Shirt.  Size 15-16.  This is another "I've already reviewed" review, so really, this is mainly for you to get a look on it on a human.  ;-)   It is quite comfortable, and though a more slim fit than Johnnie b. tops in the past, it still fits my size 6 fine.  (That said, I just received the Nadia tee, and it fits much less slim, so I think it may be a style design in the Juliette.)

Juliette T-Shirt.  Not sold out in the grey birdie print or the white one, but the blue one is almost all gone.  I think the grey is so cute, so I don't get the love for the blue, but whatever.

Okay, that's all for now.  I hope this maybe helped some of you!

Do you have any items you are loving in the mid-season sale?

Remember, I don't know how long that Boden will allow the additional 15% off (with the code 8R3F), so at any moment, it could return to "just" a mid-season sale, with good deals, but no additional % off.
Shop Spring with up to 40% off at Boden! Valid 3/19-3/22

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Boden: New Arrivals and Clearance Reviews. Plus Clearance Bummers.

Hi, all!  I started this post last weekend, but I made this dress instead of finishing the post.  Since its lines are really close to the Riva Jacquard Dress from this season's line, I am actually pretty stoked, since I have a few yards of very lovely solid colored ponte (and even a few solid-colored jacquard knits) that I can use to make up my own version of the Riva, instead of purchasing it.  Yah!

Okay, so the spring line dropped.  Clearly I waited to do a post on it, but I do know some of you have interest in my preorder/early orders, so the top part of my post is dedicated to that.  I really do love all I chose, but the sizing is a bit off in a couple, so I will make note of that for you all.  The affiliate program has a 15% off new arrivals coupon to use, and it is located at the middle of this post (below new arrivals reviews) and in the sidebar of the blog.  You must use code 3B3K to receive the 15% off.

Onto some bad news...the clearance section has become a FINAL sale section.  Phooey.  Thanks to kdot1990/Kristen (on Instagram here), I found out this unfortunate decision had been made by the powers that be at Boden.  I thought for sure people would be on fire, waving sticks, over at their Facebook page, but as of last check, I didn't see any.  Final sale is JUST ridiculous for those of us who don't have access to shops to try items on.  I mean, even in the UK, there are just a few Boden shops, so most of the ladies and gents and kids over there don't even have access to the shops either.  (And, get this, the UK site clearance items are NOT FINAL SALE.  GRRRR.)  Also--unlike a few years ago, their consistent sizing has been far less so.  The garment measurements help, but even after declaring that the Sally coat would be a touch loose on my lower hips based on the measurements provided, it wasn't.  I can wear it, and don't really love the way it looks closed, so I am good, but really, if I had gotten the size smaller for a more fitted look, AND had discovered it was final sale, I would be spitting nails!  Anyhow, caveat emptor. 

I have a few (now final) sale reviews at the bottom.  I only recommend purchasing in final sale if you really do have confidence that something will work for you.  (Kids clothing sells well on ebay, etc., so you probably will have better luck there if something doesn't work out. There is a 10% off final sale for them this weekend, btw.)   Knitwear and tees are probably okay, as that fabric is stretchy and if you are off a size, it usually will be okay.  Wovens, especially rayon wovens, yeah, NO.  Trust me.

Spring 2017 Reviews:
Rita Ruched Dress, Martha Top, Phoebe Jersey Dress, Sorrento Jersey Knit Dress, and Juliette T-Shirt.  Rita--size 8 Regular; Martha--6; Phoebe--6 Long; Sorrento--8 Long; Juliette--15-16.

Rita--Lovely print and pattern.  Very excited to wear this, and will likely wear it in real life very soon.  I am glad I went up to an 8, even though it is a stretchy knit (lyocell).  It is very figure hugging, and the bit of ease makes it a bit less so.  The only bummer is the color at the bottom is a bit muddy looking.  The bright pinks make up for it so much, though.

Martha--I have reorder in the 8.  I rarely have to order up to an 8, and it's usually because I am looking for ease in the hips.  It's tight through the hips, but tight elsewhere, too.  They really do mean "fitted" in their description.  The colors are so very pretty, though, so worth the hassle of the reorder/return.

Phoebe--The long is pretty long.  I may keep the long as it is just under my knees, but if I ever get tired of the length, I will definitely hem it up two inches.  It is a nice jersey, substantial and a great hand feel.  The bird print is very lovely, and will likely work for so many people.

Sorrento--I ordered this one when it debuted at the Boden site two weeks ago.  I had missed it in preview?  Anyhow, this print and color is so gorgeous, and I really am glad I chose to order it.  This long hits right at the top of my knee, so the long is exactly right!  I love the longer sleeves, as I am going to Turks and Caicos in February, and I just read they have Zika there, so that means one less bit of skin that I have spray DEET on while I am there.  The pockets are really useful and deep, too.  Definitely a winner.  I chose to order the size up as I didn't want it too tight on my bum.  I could have sized down, but the fit is fine in the 8, so I am keeping the size up.  I hope they introduce more prints in this dress.  It's a winner!

Juliette--This tee is so cute, and pairs well with quite a few bottoms in my wardrobe.  It is a fitted silhouette, so I think I am the largest you can be and still get away with it.  (I am a 34 bust, 28.5 waist, 39 hip/41 lower hip.)  This is definitely a wash and line dry kind of item for me.  ;-)

Closeups of the prints/patterns/fabric.

Posy Shirt Dress.  Size 6 Long.  I looked closely at the garment measurements before choosing the 6 L.  I was not concerned for hips or bust, but the waist.  As with previous shirtdresses from them, this one is much more fitted in the waist.  The size 6 waist measures 29", and it is a close fit for me.  But the 31" would be too much ease, to be honest.  If you run larger in your waist, this dress may not work best for you since it does tend to favor the shapes that have larger bust/hiplines and smaller waists.

The fabric is a stretchy cotton, so that helps a bit if you are between two sizes and want to go smaller.

THE PRINT!  It is very special and unique.  I have seen them described as birdcages and I see that, but I also see the botanical garden look, as well.  So aviary or plant house, your choice!

The pinks and black and white do nicely work together, and read very springy.

One thing I missed in the description was the hidden inside buttons on the placket.  THIS takes FOREVER to button, but there is no gaping, at all, because of it.  Very clever, and a very nice dressmaking addition.  Kudos, Boden!

Isla Dress.  I have a written review from a blog reader, Marybeth.  I really appreciate her review, since this was on my list to purchase at some point!

"I wanted to let you know that I ordered the Isla dress from the spring 2017 preview and received it today. It is lovely, but it comes up quite small--not helped by the fabric, which is more of a thicker, canvas-type material (definitely no need for a lining, which I had been wondering about, especially considering the price tag, even with the discount) rather than a stretchy cotton jersey. If you decide to order, definitely size up one, as my regular size was too small. I measured it up against other Boden dresses of the same size and it's much narrower with more of a pencil skirt bottom rather than an A-line (which makes me feel better, particularly after the holidays! Lol). Also, the neckline is a bit higher, which I wasn't as keen on, and I think it would have been nicer (particularly for spring and summer) if it was more of a scoop. The print and garment quality (the way the fabric is pieced together for a more slimming silhouette) are both great, but I'm honestly undecided if I'll reorder."

Here's the link to the 15% off, but remember to use code 3B3K.
15% off plus free shipping and returns with code 3B3K, valid 1/4-1/29
Boden USA

Clearance (FINAL SALE, ugh) Reviews:
Curve and Flare Dress. Size 6 Long.  I initially wanted it in the 6 regular as the 42" length seemed too long for this silhouette, but it works, especially if paired with higher heels (the heeled brogues from Boden's amazing Fall 2013 collection). 

This dress is a wonder.  Made of a heavier textured double knit fabric, it stretches, lays well, and fits precisely.  I fit it for my bust, and the 6 is exactly right.  There is a zip in back, but I could get it on without the zip. 

I chose the deep forest green color, and I prefer the single color versions to the colorblocked ones.

There are no pockets, which is a shame, as there is definitely enough ease in the skirt to make them work without messing up the style lines.

Curve and Flare Dress. Available in most colors but limited in red (above is navy).  This is probably the only one of the clearance reviews I can green light purchasing in final sale.  But the price is steep for final sale, so it really is a matter of your need for a dress like this.  For teachers or those who work in a conservative environment, this is a good choice, for sure.

Sally Coat.  Size 8 Regular.  I love this color coat so much.  I have worn it three times since receiving it.  It works nicely with a good portion of my wardrobe.  It is a perfect coat for those of us that live in areas where winter means many days of highs in the 50s.  Chilly enough to deserve a coat, but not cold enough to warrant the stadium cloth or puffers (though we have days that warrant those kind of coats, too, blegh). 

It is not lined, but easily slips on, due to the fact that the ease in the sleeves are full.  There is a touch of stretch to the boiled wool fabric. 

I wish I had sized up to a 10, but now that I know it's in final sale, I am not taking a chance, just in case it becomes a case of the size "9" being the right one.  I like the look of it opened, so I will live.  ;-)

This most accurately shows the green shade it is, it is brighter outside.  Very minty, and more green than blue.  Very pretty color and works with my reddish hair and lighter skin tone.  (I think if you are a clear spring, you can definitely do this one!)

Sally Coat. This is the color I see when I am looking at it outside.  All colors are in stock, but the cheapest ones are selling out (it's a good deal, but not final sale good deal, ya know?).

Windermere Puffer Coat.  Size 8.  I needed the 8 here, and glad I chose this size, as the hips fit well, and can be buttoned/zipped up properly when I need it to be.  This is not a coat that I want to just hang open, since I wear coats like this on super cold/windy days.  It works and kept me warm and toasty the day it was so cold our wind chills were in the teens (I know, northerners, that's not that cold, but for Virginia, it was COLD!).  I really love the zip up inside shell.  It's a half shell, and ends at the navel, but once that is zipped up all the way, and then the outer portion is all zipped up, and then buttoned, and then hood is up and buttoned, you are a well-insulated lady.  Toasty!

The color is very nice.  I have a black puffer, but ugh, black is just so blah.  This merlot color is more uplifting, plus it reminds me of wine (bonus). 

I can't say go out and buy this one, though, simply because of the final sale.  It is worth the sale price, and a great deal, but nope, non-returnable, and the in the wrong size, nope. nope. nope.

I hope you all are well!  Enjoy your weekend! 

So, yeah, here's the link to the final sale clearance section.  Good luck.  The first link is to receive the extra 10% off the kids' clearance section.
Final Clearance Event! New lines added plus extra 10% off Childrenswear with code 6R4U, valid 1/19-1/22

Boden USA

Friday, December 30, 2016

Boden: Review Time. Just in Time for an Extra 10% Off!

Hey, all!  Before I do the three reviews I have slated for tonight, I wanted to let you know the "up to 60% off" sale has been upped to "save an extra 10% off with the code 4W7F!"  Yeah!  That's awesome.  :-)  Of course I am glad that I got a few items before the extra 10% off since those items are now sold out in the size I wanted, but I may have tossed a few things in that I need that are insanely reduced with the extra 10% off. 

Okay, so the reviews!

Ruched Waist Dress.  Size 8 Regular.  This is such a great dress.  I am a huge fan.  There are haters of it out there, which mainly comes from the gripes about fabric quality, but since I own a few lyocell items, I knew what to expect.  Lyocell is not a thick fabric, it is a thinner jersey fabric that has to be lined with another stretchy jersey to make it wearable.  It is possible to have a top in lyocell with no lining, but you definitely must line dresses for modesty (and Boden has here).

Anyhow, the regular was chosen specifically because I DID NOT want a dress that hit at mid-calf.  This mid-knee seems most flattering on me, especially when the rest of the dress is super covered up.  The 8 was a better choice than a 6, which I will sometimes pick in Boden jersey dresses.  I feel like the 6 would have been far too body conscious and I would have been uncomfortable in it.

The pockets are lovely, of the yoke style versus an on-seam version.  They are not substantial, so I couldn't hold my phone for the whole day, but it held smaller and lighter items just fine.

The ruched waist is so flattering, I really do appreciate the thoughtfulness of placing the pattern in the opposite direction from the dress's pattern, as it does delineate the lines nicely.

I really really like that the dress makes me look like an hourglass instead of a pear.  Success!

I went out to dinner at a nice steakhouse here in town.  I enjoyed my martini, but the intent of this photo is also to show you how modern and unique the pattern is.  The yellow is a bit brighter than this in real life, but not super crazy bright either. 

I wore it with my yellow Sybil coat and you can see it here at Instagram.  I really loved it with the coat.  It was a good outfit day!

Ruched Waist Dress. Not completely sold out, but getting close.  I love the other version of this print, but even I know that is one two many of the same dress/pattern.  Now if they decide to issue another version of this dress next fall in a different pattern, I am so all over it!

Fun Festive Jumper.  Size 15-16.  This is a Johnnie b. item.  I have a right sickness for fair isle sweaters, and this one with wee little Christmas trees parading across the top of it made me such a happy lady.  I have worn it again, this season, but in a bout of restraint (and likely no time), I didn't have a photograph taken of it from the day.  LOL. 

It fits well, it is about the size I'd want from a Boden (regular women's section) size 6, so I chose the right size for my frame.  I am smaller up top, so I can only recommend dipping into the Johnnie b. section for tops if you have a shorter torso and smaller "ladies."  The 15-16 is about equal to a size 6/small 8, while the 13-14 would be closer to a size 2-4.

My little man wears the Winter Sweater from the baby Boden line.  It stops at 3-4 (thank goodness, for a while they were stopping it at 2-3).  Since I knew he would be sizing out of it soon (SOB SOB SOB), I decided this sweater was worth the splurge.  It is sold out in many sizes (like the Fun Festive one), but like all things sale time, there are definitely popbacks, so keep an eye out for them.

The fun festivity continues on the back.  :-)

Fun Festive Sweater.  Sold out in almost all the sizes, but will pop back potentially!

Sabrina Top.  Size 6.  This one wasn't on my radar, but the catalog image kept calling to me.  I think I most loved the swingy shape and the pretty animal print.  The size is fab in a 6 for my shape, nice and fitted through the shoulders, bust, and arms, but flaring towards the hem where I need the ease the most. 

The side view shows that it does run a touch longer in back than front, which again, I need.  :-)

The fabric is a lightweight jersey that is opaque, so nice to wear.  It is a lyocell/cotton mix, and the cotton helps give it a bit of weight and drape, while the lyocell keeps it feeling easy and light.

Sabrina Top.  The sizes are running low in many of the colors.  I don't dig the other colors or patterns, but again, if they issue this in another print in another season, I'll be all over it.  BTW, the color in the shots above is a bit off.  The real color is closer to what you see above in the Boden stock photo!

Okay, that's all for now (and likely for a while).  I do know a few of my preorders from early spring will ship soon, so hopefully I can get a few of those up for perusal in the next few weeks.  :-)

Have a lovely day!

Remember to use the code 4W7F to receive an additional 10% off the reduced prices.
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Boden: Summer 2017 Preview Picks!

Hey, I am actually keeping a promise of posting when I said I would.  December miracle, you all.

Anyhow, like I explained in yesterday's post, Boden debuted their Summer 2017 collection over at their Preview site.  They are also offering up to 20% off with the code 6U2J.  This code expires tomorrow night at 11:59 pm, so not a whole lot of time to enjoy it, if you plan to.  :-/

Okay, onto the picks!

Josephine Dress.  Aww, pretty punchy florals!  This print is repeated multiple times in other garments, and the colors are used in other items, as well.  (I see a lot of bright blue, pure yellow, mid-pink throughout the collection.) There is a lot of harmony between the pieces this season. 

I'm not quite sure if there is a hidden placket in the bodice, but it sort of looks like it, doesn't it?

Andrea Dress.  If this dress was about $40 less expensive, I'd be ALL over it in preview.  Alas, $160 is a bit rich for a dress I could likely recreate myself (I just sewed up a bias dress so I get the work that goes into aligning stripes like you see on the skirt, but still, oof on the price). 

Cosima Placement Dress.  This dress intrigues me.  Either the border placement of the florals on the side is going to look REALLY good or REALLY bad.  I won't know till I see it on a human body, though.  I personally would have put the florals in the center, but I do own the floral ponte dress, and it has florals up and down the sides, so it can work.  But in this busy of a print?  Hmm...

Belle Ponte Dress. This seems like such a practical choice.  The pockets, the solid skirt, the ribbed ponte fabric of the bodice.  I definitely can see a lot of DC working women this summer wearing it. 

Blackberry Dress.  I love the blackberry style and design, and am glad they continue to reincarnate it every season with cute prints.  It's been a while since I have seen one I have really loved, but this pretty blue with wee little sunglasses?  Yes, please!  I have it in this version, for reference.  (Recently worn here, too.)

Evelyn Dress.  Another pretty practical dress.  It has pockets, has modest coverage, and features a striking and bold print.  This could end up on my list, but Boden didn't publish the garment measurements on this one, so no Bueno.  I'll wait.

Georgia Dress.  This print is a variation on another one, but this one only features the leafy part of the print.  All versions, in all colors, are so very lovely.  This one seems especially based on mid-1940s prints, so it has a vintage thing going for it, too.

Jessie Dress. Swoon at the raining daisy chains.  What a beautiful garment!  I definitely need to see this on someone, though, since it says it hits at mid-calf.  I don't want a garment that long, unless it is really well-fitted elsewhere. 

Martha Dress.  This is the same print as the Georgia dress above, but includes the daisy portion of the print.  These prints!  They're sublime (well, for me, anyhow, you may disagree, which is totally cool, lol).  ;-)  I own the Martha dress.  I last wore it here, I believe.

Nina Dress.  I dig it.  Not sure I should, but I am into it.  I am thinking it will be great for teaching, you know with it being made from a jersey, having good coverage overall, and being bright and peppy enough to keep the kids eyes on you.  :-D

Rosamund Dress. The border placement here is so special.  Very subtle, but still very eye catching, nonetheless.

Ruth Dress. LOVE.  The color, the print, its everything.  But you knew that already from all the loving the green version of this print got above.

Savannah Dress.  I sob over this one because it is very unlikely that my pear shape will fit into this dress (the measurements are probably to straight from bust to hem), but I'll hold out hope that there is some subtle shaping in there somewhere.  If not, I'll enjoy others wearing it from afar. 

Make a Statement Tee. I like Boden tees, they are made well, and don't have the annoying off grain syndrome other companies' tees have (J. Crew, I'm a looking at you!).  This one will actually work well with the three skirts below, so yay for working with so many of the pieces from this season.

Lola Skirt.  Oh, a conversational print!  Of a beach town and sailboats and sunbathing ladies!  Yes!  The conversational print will always have fans, so never take them away Boden!  NEVER!  (SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!  YOU CAN TELL I TEACH GRAMMAR!  NOT!)  ;-)

Richmond Skirt. Oh, pretty daisy/poppy print.  I love you.  Boden pencil skirts hate my hips, but I forgive you. It was their choice to use you on a pencil skirt instead of a more curve friendly A-line.

Tilda Skirt.  There's the new fun skirt, full of print and embroidery.  And all the fun skirt haters thought they'd won.  Ha.  Not even.  All of us quirky style types held strong and the fun skirt came back.  Yeah.  YEAH!

Okay, that's it!  Do you have any picks of your own you'd like to share?  I'd love to read them!

Don't forget about the "up to 60% off sale" going on at Boden's regular site right now!  I will try to get those reviews up tomorrow.  Maybe lightning will strike thrice! :-)
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